Our Network

A Better Way brings practitioners and thinkers together, to learn from, invigorate and inspire each other, through a network of 'cells' across England.  

Each cell brings together around 10 individuals, grouped around a common geography and/or social theme.

The cells are attracting people with radical energy and ideas, who share our vision and want to spark off each other to make change happen individually and collectively.  

We have found that the cells work best when people meet together in the evening socially,  at least every two months, with a clear agenda.  It's best when one member comes with a prepared theme, to lead the discussion, and if possible also writes a blog to share with the wider network. We can give some support to get cells going, and attend meetings, but we expect them to be largely self-activating and to set their own agenda, because that's where the greatest energy lies.

A Better Way's network of cells also aims to reach out to others in our wider network and beyond and to stimulate wider change. For example, by taking insights from each cell and drawing them together into think pieces and, ultimately, into a call to action to share with others.

Through our network we are taking forward a number of specific Better Way initiatives as well as drawing inspiration from the work of individual members - for more information click here.

If you are interested in joining or setting up a cell, do get in contact with us.

For more information about cells, including what being a member involves, how they are organised and how to set one up, click here.