Insights for A Better Way

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In July 2018, Civil Exchange in collaboration with the Carnegie Uk Trust published our collection of essays and stories illustrating our Better Way principles or propositions, Insights for A Better Way.

For contributions illustrating specific propositions, click on the individual sections below.



More about our principles

If you'd like to explore what others say about each of our principles, take a look at our Insights page and also consider the questions for further discussion there:

Our insight pages are progress and if you have any additions or comments you would like to make, please do get in touch. 



A Better Way Place - what would it look like? Notes from a network discussion November 2018

Better Way Collaborative Commissioning Notes from a network discussion November 2018

Better Way Politics Notes from a network discussion November 2018

Better Way Social Wealth Notes from a network discussion November 2018

Better Way and place - is local better than national? Notes from cell meetings February and March 2018

Better Way leadership  Notes from cell meetings November and December 2017

Building Better Way organisations Notes from four London cell meetings September and October 2017

Campaigning and social change  Note from Better Way London cell 2 – 17 July 2017

Grenfell Tower – what stories will be told?  Note from Founding Cell discussions, 13 July 2017



Our annual gathering of members are stimulating and inspiring events in which, among other things, members commit to work together over the coming year to build a compelling story that will inspire more people to put our Better Way propositions into practice. 

Note from June 2017 national gathering

Note from July 2018 national gathering


Regular bulletins

You can also keep in touch with developments through our regular bulletins.  Do contact us if you would like us to send them to you. You'll also find them here.


If you'd like to contribute

We are building up a library of resources for people who are interested in A Better Way.  Do let us know if there is something you would like to share with others and we will try and include it.