Practice Examples

Declaration of Interdependence

This declaration led by Children England and signed by over 50 organisations including the TUC argues that: ‘ the sense of public service and civic duty at the heart of children’s services is under threat from the mechanisms of the market and the financial climate…the emphasis on managerial concerns and financial models resulting from this ‘marketisation’ of children’s services has meant that many have lost sight of what remains most important in any service for children: the professional and personal commitment to put children first’.  It sets out a new vision for children’s services based on:

1) collaborative and supportive relationships between the statutory and voluntary sector;

2) social value commissioning and intelligent procurement that invests in broader, long term goals;

3) funding that is fair, sustainable;

4) standards of employment, pay, conditions and training that support a world class workforce and a culture of social partnership;

5) flexible and sustainable services that provide the best possible value and impact for the community and taxpayer;

6) supporting a strong, vibrant and independent civil society.

Sheffield Cubed

Sheffield Cubed is a third sector membership organisation set up specifically to seek out and win contracts that can be delivered collaboratively via its member organisations. This allows Sheffield Cubed to deliver economies of scale whilst maintaining local third sector delivery.

All Together Better Sunderland

This is an NHS pilot which brings together health and social care teams, as well as the community and voluntary sector to provide round-the-clock support for those with complex conditions or who are too frail to look after themselves. The aim is to help people live independently with care that is wrapped around their physical, social and emotional needs.