OuR call to action IN 2017

Communities could be so much stronger, services so much better, with the right action.

Our network was established in the summer of 2016 in the belief that, collectively, we could build a growing momentum by sharing ideas, examples and inspiration and, through this, creating a compelling call to action to ourselves and others.   Here we record what we have learnt in that first year in order to provide a foundation on which over the next two years discussions and actions can build, and help attract more people to take part in our network from different sectors, backgrounds and parts of England.

A year ago, our founding cell identified propositions that seek to capture the changes we think are needed and provide a starting point for discussion. Over the year, we have been testing and developing these in a growing number of cells across England, and in our first annual gathering in June 2017, and researching the insights that already exist in published material.  This body of evidence and discussion is a living document that can be found on our website here.  As a result, our priority issues to explore in the coming year will include:

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Also, as a network, we will be seeking to diversify our membership, going where 'the energy is' and identifying organisations that model our behaviours. We will continue to meet in local cells but also, where appropriate, work across cells as well.